The Craft Room 2.0

My craft room in Fargo was my pride and joy.  It was pink, sparkly, and everything I could ever want.  It was spacious, had lots of storage, and great lighting.   However, our new apartment is only two bedrooms so my options for crafting are limited.  Our spare bedroom has become a catch all for … More The Craft Room 2.0

The Blog Incarnate

After a 4 year hiatus, the blog is back.  Having recently moved across the country to a city I’d never been to, a completely different climate, a different lifestyle, and away from my family, I’ve been looking for an outlet.  I thought I would start by providing a basic life update since 2011.  Kellen, my … More The Blog Incarnate

Meet My Nephew

I am honored to introduce to you Kellen Richard, my nephew.  Isn’t he cute?!  He was born Thursday, January 27th.  He has his dad’s “butt-chin” and is a very good baby.  He almost never cries and loves to be snuggled. Here I am with baby Kellen.  He is going to grow up a kid spoiled … More Meet My Nephew


Sewing is my other new hobby.  While I am also not that great at this, I love trying and creating new things!  My latest creation was a baby car seat cover for my sister’s soon-to-be born baby!  I found directions online and made it without a pattern! It actually worked out pretty well!  Also, be … More Sewing!

Another Birthday!

Today is ANOTHER birthday at work!  My friend/co-worker Kara this time.  She wanted a cake, which turned out to be harder than expected. The first cake I made stuck to the pan so bad it fell apart when I tried to take it out.  I tried to salvage it, but it didn’t work.  So, at … More Another Birthday!

Cupcakes for Christy

It was my friend/co-worker’s birthday over the holidays, but since we were all snowed in different places, today I finally got to bring in her (requested) birthday treat!  White cupcakes that are shaped like apples!!!  They actually turned out better than expected.  After using a TON of food coloring (drops and paste), my frosting continued … More Cupcakes for Christy