My First Blind Date

Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death – TSwift

Yes, I just started this post with a Taylor Swift quote.  But that’s the kind of mood I’m in.  And it’s fitting…because I’m working on exactly what she’s talking about.  Making friends is very scary for me so I’m working on tackling that fear head on.

A few weeks ago I posted about how hard it is to “adult” and make friends.  I was lucky enough to get some great advice from even better friends.  And from one lucky friend, I got a phone number.  My friend connected me with a friend of hers that she recommended I contact because she’s new to the city I’m in as well and is also struggling to make friends as well.  So while I got the courage, I texted her.  We discovered we shared the same awkward sense of humor, enjoying laughs, and love of dogs.  We decided to meet up a week later for dinner with our husbands.  After we set a place and time, we exchanged pictures to make sure we had some idea of who we were looking for.  It was my first blind date of my life and it was AWESOME!  As soon as we met, she hugged me and I knew I found a friend.  I’m so thankful to know that I at least have one friend her because of my great friends around the country.  I’m also lucky that my new friend doesn’t have Facebook so she can’t see how I’m blogging about her.

It was a super scary experience, but I really enjoyed making new friends and we had a wonderful time with them.  We have texted and hopefully will hang out again soon.  It made me realize that other people have the same insecurities and so it’s worth putting yourself out there.


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