Prepping for Christmas and A New Skirt

I realize that it’s September 26th, not November 26th, but Christmas season has started at the Voigt home.  The reason it’s starting so early is that since we are on a budget, I’m making more gifts than I plan on buying.

Luckily, the gifts I started making today are for two adorable little boys that can’t read.


That’s right, Kellen and Palmer are getting super hero costumes.  I spent a several hours over the past few weeks looking for ideas, patterns, and ideas on how to make this.  This morning, I figured out exactly how I was going to do it and how much fabric I was going to need.  After TWO hours at JoAnn’s today, I finally got it all ready.  The boys are getting a Batman, Superman, and custom super Kellen and super Palmer costumes.  They will have a front and a cape.  But there will be more details as I start to actually work on them.

I had also picked up some fabric for skirts from a design I found on JoAnn’s website that seemed super simply.  You can find the pattern here.  I got a nice chambray fabric with a silver, sparkly waistband.  An orange/black stipe fabric for my work Halloween costume.  We are having a Halloween potluck in October where costumes are encouraged, but it’s also the day I teach two classes.  I figured I could just make a fun skirt, wear some black kooky tights and boots.  Hopefully it won’t be 100 degrees by then.


One of the things I did today that I normally forget to do is actually wash, dry, and iron the fabric before I used it.   I even took a picture for evidence.  This one is for you Mom 🙂


I decided to use my favorite fabric first.  It reminds me of the balloons from Up. Pixars-Up-HD-Balloons

Overall, the pattern was pretty easy to follow and gives you the option of making it whatever length you wanted.  Once I had it made without the hem, I decided I liked it long.  The one thing I know I need to fix for next time is I didn’t make the waistband tight enough, so it doesn’t quite fit tightly up high, but that’s ok.  Then I can eat in it 🙂


I think this is one of my best apparel items I’ve made without my Grandma’s supervision.  I’m excited to be able to wear it to work this week.


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