The Craft Room 2.0

My craft room in Fargo was my pride and joy.  It was pink, sparkly, and everything I could ever want.  It was spacious, had lots of storage, and great lighting.

IMG_8047  IMG_8048

However, our new apartment is only two bedrooms so my options for crafting are limited.  Our spare bedroom has become a catch all for things that need to be stored.  However, I’m really please with how the spare bedroom/craft room has turned out.


During the move, I lost some of my storage to the truck.  They broke somewhere between Fargo and Phoenix.  In the end, it worked out because I didn’t have enough space here.


The biggest change is the desk space.  Previously, I had a 78″ table top, which was almost the length of the room.  I wasn’t sure how to rectify this situation without losing desk space.  I replaced my 78″ IKEA table top with 2 40″ table tops in a “L” shape.  This allows me to have space to put my Silhouette or sewing machine while still having space for the computer.

IMG_8093  IMG_8095

Since we are in an apartment, I was unable to paint the walls, but I did what I could to bring some color into the room.  We picked out a new comforter set at IKEA (our new favorite store) that adds more color without being too pink for Jon.   Many of my favorite decorations did make the move and help the craft room feel like home.

IMG_8106 IMG_8105 IMG_8104 IMG_8099

Crafting is what keeps me going when I get stressed, lonely, or bored.  With Jon’s new schedule, I spend most of Saturday along every week, so this was very important for me.  I’ve made some great progress already on my projects and can’t wait to share that with you.


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