Mom’s Birthday Surprise

It was my mom’s birthday on Thursday, January 13th.  This weekend, I had a long weekend because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so I decided to drive home to surprise my mom!  It TOTALLY worked!  She was very shocked when she walked out of her room and I was standing there!   Kudos to my dad for helping plan and keep it a secret. 

I didn’t get her a present for her birthday because she got a Christmas/Birthday present this year.  So, I did what I love to do and baked her a cake.  As you can see by comparing this cake to the last birthday cake, I’m certain that I’m getting better at this.  The frosting on top is much smoother (although still a little bumpy). 

I even tried to get fancy by using an edge trimmer.  It isn’t very neat, but not too shabby for the first time.  I think I need to use more frosting on the sides. 

I have 2 questions that I would like some advice on.  My last few cakes have been very heavy and dense.  Any suggestions on how to make them fluffier?  I’m not sure if it’s the recipe or if I’m over mixing or something else!

Also, how do you make sure your cakes bake flat?  Mine always come out slightly domed, which makes decorating more challenging.


4 thoughts on “Mom’s Birthday Surprise

  1. Certainly not a pro but I think on the cake decorating shows on TV the trim/slice the domed part of the cake off creating a flat surface to decorate on… nice cake for your mom!!

  2. I have a really great cake recipe that I can share with you. It is nice and fluffy. The key to making good cakes is to leave them in the oven for the allotted time. If you take them out to early they can “drop”.

  3. Hey Amanda!
    I see you made a 2 layer cake and it turned out beautiful. Though I will tell you a secret…. when you are all done with the main icing on the cake and before you add your pretty stuff you should take a clean spatula/knife and dip it in COLD water then gently smooth out your bumps on the cake. Also Kara is right, as you take the cakes out of the pans you can see this little mound or dome on top, take a bread knife and slice that off to make it level. Then continue with layers or frosting, this works for all shapes and sizes of cakes if you want the top to be flat. 🙂 Hope it helps and happy birthday aunt Nancy!

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