Sewing is my other new hobby.  While I am also not that great at this, I love trying and creating new things!  My latest creation was a baby car seat cover for my sister’s soon-to-be born baby!  I found directions online and made it without a pattern! It actually worked out pretty well!  Also, be … More Sewing!

Another Birthday!

Today is ANOTHER birthday at work!  My friend/co-worker Kara this time.  She wanted a cake, which turned out to be harder than expected. The first cake I made stuck to the pan so bad it fell apart when I tried to take it out.  I tried to salvage it, but it didn’t work.  So, at … More Another Birthday!

Cupcakes for Christy

It was my friend/co-worker’s birthday over the holidays, but since we were all snowed in different places, today I finally got to bring in her (requested) birthday treat!  White cupcakes that are shaped like apples!!!  They actually turned out better than expected.  After using a TON of food coloring (drops and paste), my frosting continued … More Cupcakes for Christy