An Update and Cookies

First of all, the pie was delicious!!!  I’ve tried to make chocolate or french silk pies before and they were always not quite right.  While this could still use some tweaking, it is a great start! 

Second, I have a HUGE dilemma.  I bought this cookie cutter thinking it is a thought bubble.  When I make the cookie, Jon thought it was a pumpkin.  So, below are 2 pictures, which do you think is right?  I’m trying to add a poll, but we’ll have to see how that works.


Finally, I made sugar cookies for a co-worker’s going away party today.  They aren’t my best, but here are some pictures of my decorations. 

I have a buttercream frosting recipe I love from Wilton that works well for cupcakes and cookies for decoration.  It stays in place without being hard.  I just got it off the Wilton website.  Check it out at

There may be an update tomorrow as I am making lots of chocolate mold things for my sister’s baby shower.


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