It’s Been a While, but LOTS has Happened

First, my husband (the wannabe foodie) insisted we ordered Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Well, we received it 2 weeks ago, and neither of us had used it.  We both decided to try to find something to make from it.  Being the (wannabe) pastry chef I am, I obviously chose a pie.  Clearly my overenthusiasm has spread to the husband, as he has chosen to try to make a roast chicken.  At least this one doesn’t require any de-boning (as far as I know). 

Back to my pie crust.  I tried to make a pie crust last week, just to practice because I am in charge of Christmas Eve dessert.  Unfortunately, that one tasted super gross.  If I covered it in enough sugar and cinnamon, my husband would eat it, but it still made me gag.  The recipe called for mostly Crisco, and just a smidge of butter.  I decided that was the reason it was so gross.  Julia Child was calling to me to try her version, which required 1 3/4 sticks of butter for 1 pie crust.  I followed the directions, but it didn’t quite turn out. 

I think I may have left it too thick.  And, for some reason the crust slid down the edge of the pan.  I baked it at 450 F for 8 minutes with 2 layers of aluminum foil over it, followed by 6 minutes uncovered.  It is done as much as I wanted, but something isn’t right.  I haven’t eaten it yet, but it has to taste better than the last one.

With my pie crust, I figured I should make something equally as delicious.  As I strongly dislike baked fruit (although I’m coming around), I figured French Silk pie was it.  Has anyone made that before?  It was a lot harder than expected.  It involved 3/4 cup butter, heat, removing from heat, heating again, and then an ice bath.  All of that was followed by 3 minutes of whipping from the mixer.  It took almost an hour, but I finally got it in the pan on my homemade pie crust.  I also decided to put the (homemade) whipped cream on the pie before it went in the fridge because that’s what Perkins does!  (Seriously, I LOVE their french silk pie.) 

After all that work, I ended up with a several dirty pots, a messy mixer, chocolate covered pants, and a delicious pie that has to be refrigerated for 5-24 hours before I can eat it.  However, it will be used as a reward tonight as my husband finishes finals today, and I worked hard to make a mess that he said he’d clean up today!!

Here is a preview of what is coming up in the world of Cake Confessions:

Sugar cookies, sugar cookies, and more sugar cookies. 

Cupcakes from “Hello Cupcake” and “What’s New, Cupcake” for my sister’s baby shower.

Cheesecake for my sister’s baby shower.

Desserts for Christmas Eve


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