Weekend With Grandma

I forgot to take pictures, but I did a LOT of cooking and baking this weekend.

My grandma came to town on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon.  We did SO much on Saturday and it was SO fun.  We started the day by baking bread.  She has this terrific recipe that involves potato water (either from boiling potatoes or just add potato flakes) and lard, and probably some sweat from me attempting to knead it for 10 minutes straight.  Of course, my 86-year-old Grandma had to do the last 6 minutes as I thought my hands were going to bleed (they were really red!).  We made one loaf of ‘dinner rolls’, which is basically loaf bread but better, and hamburger buns.  They actually turned out!  One of the thousands of Grandma secrets she has is using lard to coat your fingers when you roll dough and to grease the pan. 

Then, it was time for my favorite meal ever, scalloped potatoes and ham.  For some reason mine NEVER turn out.  Last time I made it, it was inedible.  However, with some more Grandma magic (using way more milk that I expected), and some ingenuity (using my mandolin to make the potato slices wavy, just like Grandma’s), it turned out perfectly!!!  Served with some Grandma made corn from the freezer it was just like being at the farm!

After that, we started on a difficult sewing project.  It should have been easy, but the fabric was very difficult to work with, plus I’m not very good.  I won’t give too much detail (because it’s someone’s Christmas present), but it turned out perfectly!

It was a super fun weekend and I am SO glad my Grandma was able to come visit.

A little story for a laugh:

So I brought my leftover scalloped potatoes and ham to work to have for lunch on Monday.  I brought it in a Target bag and put it in the fridge.  At lunchtime, I went to get it, microwaved it and went to stir it.  To my dismay, I opened it and something was drastically wrong.  What on earth were these brown/grey little lumps in my meal!  My boss Amanda said, “They are just mushrooms.  There must be cream of mushroom soup in there.”  I looked at her and said, “I don’t eat mushrooms, and I made this.”  YIKES!  I freaked out thinking that my delicious lunch went moldy overnight!  Husband Jon was at home for lunch, looked in the fridge at the rest of the leftovers, and said that they looked fine.  Hmmm……  Being the level-headed individual he is, he suggested perhaps I grabbed the wrong lunch.  How could I do that?!  It was wrapped in a Target bag in the right container.  However, level-headed husband was right when I went to the fridge to discover that I had a Target wrapped, identical containered, perfectly non-mushroomed lunch waiting for me.  He was right!  Apparently I am a creature of habit as this scalloped potatoes and ham was about 3 months old and identically packaged. Oops!!!


3 thoughts on “Weekend With Grandma

  1. I hate it when the level-headed husbands are right! Don’t they know they’re supposed to freak out a bit first?
    Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. ugh i tried to leave a sweet reply and it wouldn’t let me…..
    jist of it clean ur fridge lover
    and i love my grandma YOU!
    except with a whole lot more caps locks and exclamation points!

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