Epic Fail

Well, I didn’t exactly get to making my cupcakes or muffins.  I can’t figure out what exactly I did all weekend, but it did not involved either of those items.  However, I did make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and my Halloween costume! 

But, on the topic of chocolate chip cookies, I seem to never be able to get the same result two batches in a row.  My last batch ended up very thin and spread out, while this batch looks like little cookie balls.  Seriously, I have already gone through the phase where I would always forget an ingredient (cookies without eggs don’t work well, just an FYI), so I swear that isn’t it (at least I hope not, that would be embarrassing).  Any suggestions for getting consistent results?!


3 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. the real flat spread out cookies are from your margerine being too soft-like maybe you softened it in the microwave…refrigerate your dough for a couple hrs. before you put it on the pan-keep the dough in the fridge between batches, as well. the cookies that did not spread out when baked perhaps had too much flour in them. even as little as a quarter cup can make a difference.

  2. The ingredient temperatures matter. Eggs & butter need to be consistent every time. Also, be sure that you are very precise in your measuring of the leavening agent. That being said, you get different cookies when the weather changes. You have to account for things like humidity when adding flour. Humid weather requires more flour, dry weather requires less. Aim for a dough texture, not necessarily a precise measurement.

  3. If you use a mixture of butter and shortening the cookies will be not too flat and not little balls. It makes the perfect cookie in my opinion.

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